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Writing my blog concerning Psoriasis and the effects of foodstuffs which affect this Auto Immune condition, I have become acutely aware of the dangers of what we eat and how our foods are produced. I have no doubt whatsoever that Glyphosate ‘Monsanto Roundup Ready Crop Spraying’ is the root cause of many of the illnesses witnessed […]


I am cognisant of my lack of writing skills when composing a BLOG article. As an amateur golfer, I will never reach single figure handicap satus and yet undeterred, I return to the golf course in order to test my abilities in that most frustrating of games. I have nothing but admiration for someone who […]

TOXINS ~ “Nobody seems to notice .. Nobody seems to care”

The late great George Carlin said in one of his stand-up sketches .. “Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care!” I post here the short 4 minute video of that sketch and whilst watching it again, I was both uplifted by the truth he tells, and equally saddened by the wilful ignorance of my peers. I don’t […]


When explaining to people about my autoimmune disease (Psoriasis) and what it is, I am   surprised that many of them complain of similar conditions. These are mainly in the forms of arthritis, bloating, reflux from excess acid and many others. When I hear that they have been advised by their doctor to take an allopathic […]