THE US ELECTION RESULT (A Choice of Two Shite Sandwiches)

I have read many summaries regarding the recent US ELECTION and am amused by the unnecessary amount of words used by those various so called ‘experts’ in their analysis of the reasons for the surprising result.

When faced with the disappointing choice of a ‘Shite Sandwich’ or a ‘Shite Sandwich with Mayo’, the Electorate had to decide which one to go for, or buy neither one.

The last option of course would be the seemingly logical thing to do but, having been fed upon ‘Shite’ for so long and not finding the ‘fare’ as appetizing as advertised, not surprisingly changed their usual order to the one with Mayo.

Given that roughly 250 million people are of voting age in the USA,  to be presented with such a limited menu as on offer is scandalous and one doesn’t need to be the sharpest knife in the kitchen to understand how and why people have become totally disillusioned and frustrated with their choices of ‘Chefs’ and the obvious lack culinary ‘skills’ which they have displayed in the past.

The voting electorate don’t expect a Daniel Humm from ‘Eleven Madison Park’  but they do deserve a better choice than having to be constantly force fed on the ‘same old same old’ from substandard suspect Cooks.. (Crooks).

A ‘Chef’ from a family restaurant would be more than adequate and refreshing for most, one who knows exactly what you expect, greets you by your first name and ..

The menu doesn’t only display ..  ‘Shite Sandwiches’ with, or without Mayo.

Go well .. Nuffzed









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