Writing my blog concerning Psoriasis and the effects of foodstuffs which affect this Auto Immune condition, I have become acutely aware of the dangers of what we eat and how our foods are produced.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Glyphosate ‘Monsanto Roundup Ready Crop Spraying’ is the root cause of many of the illnesses witnessed by all of us who are willing to look behind the curtain and see ‘what’s going on behind what’s going on’

Yes!..I can get annoyed at peoples ‘cognitive dissonance’ but I fully understand that we all have busy lives and are trusting of the media to inform us truthfully of that which we do not have time to research ourselves.
Unfortunately, this plays neatly into the hands of the ‘powers that be’ who manipulate the facts and in so doing, allow corporates such as Monsanto (Google ‘How much money do Monsanto spend in lobbying) to literally get away with murder.

It is ridiculous in the extreme, that chemicals which are banned in our own countries (good thing) are used by other countries to produce foods which are then imported and consumed by those same countries that recognise the dangers associated with those banned chemicals!

I have written copious amount of posts on the subject of Zika on this blog and can honestly say that the article I now post below is, to my mind, proof positive that the Zika Virus is indeed a cover up, a myth and a distraction.

Anyone reading it and who does not accept that both the corporate as well as political implications within the piece are factual and worthy of consideration, must be ‘wilfully blind’.

Go well.. Nick Thomas (NUFFZED)


Jeffrey Dach MD  http://www.drdach.com

Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure Causing Microcephaly ???

microcephaly_glyphosate_zika3Is It Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure ?

by Jeffrey Dach MD

Agricultural Chemical Exposure with Glyphosate Causes Microcephaly by Upregulating Retinoic (Vitamin A) Signalling

The news media has been reporting the Zika virus as the cause of microcephaly.  The story originated in a Monsanto chemical industry press release dated Feb 17, 2016 which was then copied over the news media.  The Zika virus was discovered in Uganda in 1947, and there have been no reports of microcephaly in Uganda.  A US news article says, according to Associated Press journalists who visited the Zika Forest in Uganda on Feb 1, 2016, local officials have no concern about the Zika virus.(24)  Thus,  the Zika virus story is not very convincing as the cause of microcephaly (small head size)  for babies born to mothers exposed to agricultural chemicals in Brazil.

A Distraction From the Real Cause

The Zika virus is merely a distraction away from the real cause, agrichemical exposure from Monsanto’s Round-Up Herbicide, glyphosate, which disrupts retinoic signalling, a mechanism known to cause congenital defects and has been known to cause microcephaly, small head size in babies born to South American Agricultural workers. (1-4)   Header image:  Microephaly (smal head size)  in newborn dated Jan. 30, 2016  in Bonito, Pernambuco state, Brazil. courtesy of AP Photo/Felipe Dana (11)

microcephaly_glyphosate_zika2Dr Alejandra Paganelli reported in 2010 that “Glyphosate-based herbicides produce teratogenic effects on vertebrates by impairing retinoic acid signaling.” (8)

Left image: baby born with microcephaly.  News media blames the Zika Virus courtesy of BBC News.

Dr Paganelli concludes: “(congenital malformations) “produced by Glyphosate Based Herbicides are mainly a consequence of the increase of endogenous retinoid activity. ” (8)

Dr Sylvia Lopez

Spraying_Glyphosate_GMO_ROundUp_Monsanto_Microcephaly_AutismIn 2012, Dr Silvia L. Lopez reviewed the effects of agricultural chemicals, glyphosate based herbicides, in human and animal models.(9)  She says: “It is very well known that acute or chronic increase of retinoic acid (RA) levels leads to teratogenic effects during human pregnancy and in experimental models. The characteristic features displayed by Retinoic Acid embryopathy in humans include brain abnormalities such as microcephaly, microphtalmia, and impairment of hindbrain development; abnormal external and middle ears (microtia or anotia), mandibular and midfacial underdevelopment, and cleft palate.” (9) Note: Retinoic Acid is Vitamin A Derivative.  Left image:  Agricultural Worker spraying field with glyphosate courtesy of Indiana Public Media.

Dr Benitez-Leite

glyphosate causes microcephalyDr Benitez-Leite reported 52 cases of malformations in babies born of women exposed to agricultural chemicals. The congenital malformations observed include anencephaly, microcephaly, facial defects, myelomeningocele, cleft palate, ear malformations, polydactily, syndactily all consistent with the well-known and expected syndrome caused by upregulation of the RA pathway.(10)    Another mechanism  is glyphosate disruption of folate metabolsm as discussed below. (35-37) Left image Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide contains glyphosate.

Increasing Anencephaly in Yakima Valley in Washington State

Yakima river glyphosate anencephalyOver three years from 2010 to 2013,  the Washington State Department of Health reportedan unusual increase in anencephalic babies born in Yakima, Benton and Franklin counties, four times higher than the national average.  (33-34)

Anencephaply, microcephaly and spina bifida are all related disorders of neural tube closure associated with maternal folate deficiency.   Maternal folate supplementation is preventive.  Maternal folate supplementation in Yakima was not at issue, as this was similar to the national average. Barbara Peterson makes a compelling case for glyphosate exposure as the cause, since the Yakima river running through the affected counties had been heavily treated with glyphosate for weed control during that time period.(29)  Left image Yakima River  Washington State.

Glyphosate Disrupts Folate Metabolism

Glyphosate disruption of folate metabolism is discussed by Stephanie Seneff in her article on West Price.(35)   Glyphosate acts as an antibiotic, killing friendly bacteria by blocking the Shikimate pathway.  These friendly bacterial are also involved in bacterial conversion of folic acid to methyl folate, its active form.  Maternal methylfolate deficiency is associated with neural tube defects in the developing embryo.

Glyphosate Disrupts Glycine Metabolism

Stephanie SeChemical structure of glycine, AMPA, and glyphosate. Abbreviation: AMPA, aminomethylphosphonic acid.neff’s article then discusses how glyphosate disrupts glycine decarboxylase metabolism, known to cause neural tube defects in animal studies and humans.(36-37)

Glyphosate is the amino acid glycine with an added phosphate group, so glyphosate may readily displace glycine in various biochemical reactions. Glyphosate disrupts glycycine decarboxylase by displacing glycine as a substrate.  In addition, glyphosate replaces glycine at insertion sites in amino acid chains during protein synthesis, producing defective enzymes (35). Glyphosate is basically the amino acid, glycine with a phosphate group added on to it.see chemical structure upper left image courtesy of ResarchGate.


Elephant in the Room isGlyphosateThe Zika Virus is a distraction from the real cause of the problem, the widely used agricultural herbicide, glyphosate.  The cause of microcephaly in babies born to South American Agricultural workers is glyphosate exposure which upregulates Retinoic Acid signalling, and disrupts folate metabolism, both known causes of microcephaly and neural tube defects in animals and humans.  Above Left image: Elephant in the Room is Glyphosate, courtesy of Stephanie Seneff PhD slide presentation.

Using Fear and Smear Tactics to Distract Attention from Monsanto

Monsanto Protesters GLyphosate GMOThis article in the Huffinton Post Feb 16 is typical of the Monsanto tactics to distract attention away from Roundup glyphosate as the cause of the birth defects in agricultural workers in Brazil;  A Viral Story Links The Zika Crisis To Monsanto. Don’t Believe It. by  Anna Almendrala Senior Healthy Living Editor Huffington Post.  Anna’s piece is pure Monsanto propaganda masquerading as journalism, don’t believe a word of it.  If you trust anything Monsanto says, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Monsanto’s has known for decades that Glyphosate causes birth defects, see this report: Roundup and birth defects. Is the public being kept in the dark ?  by Michael Antoniou Earth Open Source June 2011

Search Google Scholar for articles with key words microcephaly pesticide : you will see 2160 articles pop up.

Link to this article: http://wp.me/p3gFbV-3En

Jeffrey Dach MD
7450 Griffin Road Suite 190
Davie, Fl 33314

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Links and references :

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Zika may have already infected 80,000 Americans, just in Puerto Rico, and Congress has refused to act — what if Miami or New York is next?  By Janet Reitman June 15, 2016 Rolling Stone

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8) Paganelli, Alejandra, et al. “Glyphosate-based herbicides produce teratogenic effects on vertebrates by impairing retinoic acid signaling.” Chemical research in toxicology 23.10 (2010): 1586-1595. Glyphosate herbicides produce teratogenic effects by impairing retinoic acid signaling Paganelli Alejandra Chemical research in toxicology 2010

we conclude that the phenotypes produced by GBH ( Glyphgosate Based Herbicides ) are mainly a consequence of the increase of endogenous retinoid activity

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11) Header Image:  Baby with Microcephaly Courtesy of Global News
In this Jan. 30, 2016 photo, Elielson tries to calm down his baby brother Jose Wesley, in Bonito, Pernambuco state, Brazil.
AP Photo/Felipe Dana

12) Comment by Mark WIlliam Houston on The Scientist

“I find it unusual that the Zika Virus, which comes from Uganda has never caused a single case of microcephaly in  a child born in Central Africa. Now it may be argued that the Brazilian Zika Virus is a mutated strain, but, the Zika Virus was first discovered in 1947, in the Zika Forest, Uganda, and as such already has hundreds of different strains. Remember, the Zika Virus has been part of the Zika Forest ecosystem for possibly thousands of years, yet still, there is not a single recorded case of a hominid microcephaly and or a case involving any other mammal the virus has infected.”

Zika Microcephaly and the Problem with Smoking Gun Medicine Jun 9, 2016 by Chandler Marrs, PhD


15)  Big Breaking News from the Zika Virus Hoax Front BY PAUL FASSA JUN 10 2016

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23) Is it Zika ‘Virus’ or Pesticides and Birth Defects? By Cal Crilly Global Research, February 01, 2016 January 2016

24) In the Ugandan forest where the Zika virus was discovered, there is a lack of concern amid lack of impact on people  US NEWS Jan 2016

An Associated Press team this week visited the Zika Forest, which has 35-meter (38-yard) -tall trees and is, now fittingly, a research site for scientists with the Uganda Virus Research Institute.  until the breakout of Zika in the Western Hemisphere, not much attention was paid to the virus in the forest, according to Ugandan officials. (AP Photo/Stephen Wandera) The Associated Press   By RODNEY MUHUMUZA, Associated Press

25) Peltzer, Paola M., et al. “MORPHOLOGICAL ABNORMALITIES IN AMPHIBIAN POPULATIONS.” Herpetological Conservation and Biology 6.3 (2011): 432-442.  full free pdf

Recently, Paganelli et al. (2010) demonstrated how concentrations of
glyphosate, lower than those considered relevant environmental concentrations in Argentina wetlands, increased endogenous retinoic acid activity in amphibian embryos and had teratogenic effects. This situation
could become even more of a concern with increased teratological risk to amphibians if we consider the effects of certain non-ionic surfactants containing ethoxylates (for example, POEA- polyethoxylates
tallawamine) that are added to herbicides. These ingredients are recognized for their influences on normal development on a native tadpole (Scinax nasicus) tails, gills, and cephalic structures (Lajmanovich et al. 2003).

26) Myers, John Peterson, et al. “Concerns over use of glyphosate-based herbicides and risks associated with exposures: a consensus statement.” Environmental Health 15.1 (2016): 1.

Since this (Shikimate) EPSPS-driven pathway does not exist in vertebrate cells, some scientists and most regulators assumed that glyphosate would pose minimal risks to mammals. However, several studies, some described below, now show that GBHs (Glyphosate Basd Herbicides) can adversely affect mammalian biology via multiple mechanisms.

Increased incidence of severe birth defects in Argentina and Paraguay in areas where GE Roundup Ready crops are widely grown may be linked to the ability of GBHs to increase retinoic acid activity during fetal development [23]4

27)  Ginecol Obstet Mex. 2002 Nov;70:538-44.
[Risk for congenital malformations in pregnant women exposed to pesticides in the state od Nayarit, Mexico].  [Article in Spanish]  Medina-Carrilo L1, Rivas-Solis F, Fernández-Argüelles R.

To measure the association between the use of pesticides and congenital malformations.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: We studied 279 newborn from mothers living in rural area of Nayarit, a state in the northwest region of México. Cases (n = 93) were defined as newborn with central nervous, face, genital, hip, foot or finger congenital malformations. Controls (n = 186) were newborns without any malformation. We considered as exposure any type of contact with any of the agrochemicals used as pesticides. We evaluated other risk factors such as medical drugs, fever, exposure to radiation, obstetric and family factors, as confoundings.
RESULTS:  We registered 22 genital malformations, 20 from hip, 19 from the central nervous system, 18 from extremities and 14 cleft-lip or palate. Exposed mothers had high risk of having a malformed child (OR = 3.5, CI95% 2.05-6.34, p < 0.05). Risk was higher if the mother had occupational exposure to pesticides (OR = 6.33, CI95% 2.95-13.7, p < 0.0001) and in mothers living near areas under pesticides treatment (OR = 3.47, CI95% 1.91-6.33, p < 0.0001). Among obstetric factors, abortion and early delivery (OR = 15.05, CI95% 1.82-124.30, p < 0.01) were significant.
CONCLUSIONS:  This study shows association between exposure to pesticides and congenital malformation. This is a public health problem in Nayarit state and in other rural areas with similar exposure to pesticides.

28)  Coullery, Romina P., María E. Ferrari, and Silvana B. Rosso. “Neuronal development and axon growth are altered by glyphosate through a WNT non-canonical signaling pathway.” Neurotoxicology 52 (2016): 150-161.

The growth and morphological differentiation of neurons are critical events in the establishment of proper neuronal connectivity and functioning. The developing nervous system is highly susceptible to damage caused by exposure to environmental contaminants. Glyphosate-containing herbicides are the most used agrochemicals in the world, particularly on genetically modified plants. Previous studies have demonstrated that glyphosate induces neurotoxicity in mammals. Therefore, its action mechanism on the nervous system needs to be determined. In this study, we report about impaired neuronal development caused by glyphosate exposure. Particularly, we observed that the initial axonal differentiation and growth of cultured neurons is affected by glyphosate since most treated cells remained undifferentiated after 1 day in culture. Although they polarized at 2 days in vitro, they elicited shorter and unbranched axons and they also developed less complex dendritic arbors compared to controls. To go further, we attempted to identify the cellular mechanism by which glyphosate affected neuronal morphology. Biochemical approaches revealed that glyphosate led to a decrease in Wnt5a level, a key factor for the initial neurite development and maturation, as well as inducing a down-regulation of CaMKII activity. This data suggests that the morphological defects would likely be a consequence of the decrease in both Wnt5a expression and CaMKII activity induced by glyphosate. Additionally, these changes might be reflected in a subsequent neuronal dysfunction. Therefore, our findings highlight the importance of establishing rigorous control on the use of glyphosate-based herbicides in order to protect mammals’ health.

29) Glyphosate, Brain Damaged Babies, and Yakima Valley – A River Runs Through It  Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars

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This paper describes results from a systematic review and a series of meta-analyses of nearly three decades worth of epidemiologic research on the relationship between non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and occupational exposure to agricultural pesticide active ingredients and chemical groups. Estimates of associations of NHL with 21 pesticide chemical groups and 80 active ingredients were extracted from 44 papers, all of which reported results from analyses of studies conducted in high-income countries. Random effects meta-analyses showed that phenoxy herbicides, carbamate insecticides, organophosphorus insecticides and the active ingredient lindane, an organochlorine insecticide, were positively associated with NHL. In a handful of papers, associations between pesticides and NHL subtypes were reported; B cell lymphoma was positively associated with phenoxy herbicides and the organophosphorus herbicide glyphosate. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma was positively associated with phenoxy herbicide exposure. Despite compelling evidence that NHL is associated with certain chemicals, this review indicates the need for investigations of a larger variety of pesticides in more geographic areas, especially in low- and middle-income countries, which, despite producing a large portion of the world’s agriculture, were missing in the literature that were reviewed.

31) A Viral Story Links The Zika Crisis To Monsanto. Don’t Believe It.
It would be a shame if bad information led to more Zika virus infections.
02/16/2016  Anna Almendrala Senior Healthy Living Editor Huffington Post

32) Swanson, Nancy L., et al. “Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America.” Journal of Organic Systems 9.2 (2014): 6-37 Genetically engineered crops Glyphosate Deterioration of Health_Nancy Swanson_2014

33)  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
Notes from the Field: Investigation of a Cluster of Neural Tube Defects — Central Washington, 2010–2013 Weekly September 6, 2013 / 62(35);728-728

34)  CDC Key Findings: Investigation of a Cluster of Neural Tube Defects — Central Washington, 2010–2013

From January 2010 to January 2013, this area of Washington had four times as many pregnancies affected by anencephaly, an NTD, than were expected based on the most recent U.S.

35)  Folic Acid and Glyphosate  May 4, 2016 by Stephanie Seneff, PhD  Weston Price
Neural tube defects (NTDs), such as spina bifida, anencephaly and exencephaly, are severe birth defects that result from failure of neural folds closure during embryonic development.1 While many factors may be involved in disrupting development in this way, it has been known since the 1970s that folate deficiency during the first trimester is a significant risk factor.2

36)  Narisawa, Ayumi, et al. “Mutations in genes encoding the glycine cleavage system predispose to neural tube defects in mice and humans.” Human molecular genetics (2011): ddr585.

Neural tube defects (NTDs), including spina bifida and anencephaly, are common birth defects of the central nervous system. The complex multigenic causation of human NTDs, together with the large number of possible candidate genes, has hampered efforts to delineate their molecular basis. Function of folate one-carbon metabolism (FOCM) has been implicated as a key determinant of susceptibility to NTDs. The glycine cleavage system (GCS) is a multi-enzyme component of mitochondrial folate metabolism, and GCS-encoding genes therefore represent candidates for involvement in NTDs. To investigate this possibility, we sequenced the coding regions of the GCS genes: AMT, GCSH and GLDC in NTD patients and controls. Two unique non-synonymous changes were identified in the AMT gene that were absent from controls. We also identified a splice acceptor site mutation and five different non-synonymous variants in GLDC, which were found to significantly impair enzymatic activity and represent putative causative mutations. In order to functionally test the requirement for GCS activity in neural tube closure, we generated mice that lack GCS activity, through mutation of AMT. Homozygous Amt−/− mice developed NTDs at high frequency. Although these NTDs were not preventable by supplemental folic acid, there was a partial rescue by methionine. Overall, our findings suggest that loss-of-function mutations in GCS genes predispose to NTDs in mice and humans. These data highlight the importance of adequate function of mitochondrial folate metabolism in neural tube closure.

37) Pai, Yun Jin, et al. “Glycine decarboxylase deficiency causes neural tube defects and features of non-ketotic hyperglycinemia in mice.” Nature communications 6 (2015).

Glycine decarboxylase (GLDC) acts in the glycine cleavage system to decarboxylate glycine and transfer a one-carbon unit into folate one-carbon metabolism. GLDC mutations cause a rare recessive disease non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH). Mutations have also been identified in patients with neural tube defects (NTDs), but the relationship between NKH and NTDs is unclear. We show that reduced expression of Gldc in mice suppresses glycine cleavage system activity and causes two distinct disease phenotypes. Mutant embryos develop partially penetrant NTDs while surviving mice exhibit post-natal features of NKH including glycine accumulation, early lethality and hydrocephalus. In addition to elevated glycine, Gldc disruption also results in abnormal tissue folate profiles, with depletion of one-carbon carrying folates

38) Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?

39) Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World’s Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say 06/24/2011 Updated Aug 24, 2011 Lucia Graves

A comprehensive review of existing data released this month by Earth Open Source, an organization that uses open-source collaboration to advance sustainable food production, suggests that industry regulators in Europe have known for years that glyphosate, originally introduced by American agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto in 1976, causes birth defects in the embryos of laboratory animals.

40) Krüger M, Schrödl W, Pedersen Ib, Shehata AA (2014) Detection of glyphosate in malformed piglets. J Environ Anal Toxicol 4: 230.

41) Are pesticides linked to health problems in Argentina?
By Linda Pressly BBC World Service, Assignment

42)  Pesticides in paradise: Hawaii’s spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops  Local doctors are in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years over whether corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, as companies claim, or of birth defects and illnesses

43) Zika Virus, Birth Defects, And Farm Chemicals In Washington State
February 14, 2016 Northwest Research & Covert Book Report

44) One Woman’s Fight Against Glyphosate October 14, 2015
2012 Goldman Prize winner Sofia Gatica is no stranger to the chemical’s human cost – just three days after her birth to a daughter, Sofia’s infant died of kidney failure, likely caused by pesticide exposure.

45) Sorry Monsanto: Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor Demands Ban on All Glyphosate Poisons  Christina Sarich April 10, 2014 Natural Society

46) Ruthless power and deleterious politics: from DDT to Roundup  vaggelos Vallianatos 18th July 2015

Jeffrey Dach MD
7450 Griffin Road Suite 190
Davie, Fl 33314


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Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure Causing Microcephaly
Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure Causing Microcephaly ?
Jeffrey Dach MD
Jeffrey Dach MD

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