SOUTH AFRICA                                                                                            PALESTINE

I love South Africa..and it was why I retired there from the UK and here I will end my days.

Having emigrated with my parents in 1947, I went to school in Johannesburg and, as young children do, quickly started to speak Afrikaans as my second language (sadly lost .. ‘Don’t use it lose it’).

Returning to the UK, I started to build my career, married, started a family and as most of us do and got on with the daily grind of ‘earning a living’.

I was cognisant of the ‘News’ of that time concerning South African politics, especially the daily ‘drip feed’ metered out by the BBC concerning the then National Government’s Apartheid policy.

Basil D’Oliveira the ‘Cape Coloured’ cricketer was held up as proof of the unfairness of Apartheid and with the aid of activists such as Peter Hain, (Digging up Cricket Pitches in protest to South African Cricket tours)..  the British media began to ‘educate’ their public as to what Apartheid was and how South Africa and its ‘White’ Population, were to be shunned and reviled.

People with no first hand knowledge of Southern Africa, became ‘dinner party experts’ on the subject and it was no surprise that the British people quickly followed their Governments policy of boycotting anything South African.

And why not?
Apartheid is evil …Wherever it is practiced!  
Unfortunately for the South Africans, the word ‘Apartheid’ is an Afrikaans word,  the  translation of which means ‘Separatism’
In the minds of the reader,  Apartheid will always be synonymous with South Africa and no one else…which neatly brings me onto another word…..


It is approximately 30 years ago that the World showed almost unilaterally, its disgust of ‘Separatism’ by boycotting anything South African Passport-3.jpg(Israel being an exception!).
Interestingly, even today, the showing of a South African passport will produce a negative reaction on the face of any Customs Official who checks it.
It is no wonder that its nick-name has become ‘The Green Mamba’ by its bearers.

Sadly the situation/stigma still remains a thorn in the side of all white South Africans, most of whom voted for an end of Apartheid in 1994, queuing in their thousands to do so.

Today, twenty plus years later in the country of Israel, the same Separatist Apartheid policy against the peoples of Palestine, is being ignored by mainstream media.
No boycott of Israel’s products has been imposed by World Governments..where is Peter Hain?
Where are those ‘Dinner Party Intellectuals?’
Why is OK to ostracise one country and not another?

You may want to  ask yourself these questions…and if you don’t……
Then you are either a ‘DUMMY’ or an HYPOCRITE !


Whilst writing this piece today, synchronistically my ‘newsfeed’ alerted me to the following article written only today 26/4/16.
It was posted by the columnist Koos Kombuis who writes not as I do as a ‘Brit’ .. but as a caring South African citizen.

I strongly recommend your reading of it:

Go well .. Nuffzed ..   _MG_1461






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