Ask yourself a pertinent question.

If Main Stream Media did the job that they were meant do, the job of reporting news without spin and pre programmed manipulation, perhaps there would be less conspiracy theorists in the World.

Any profession requires a basic amount of honesty and transparency, but in the case of journalists it seem that they are more concerned in keeping their jobs, their pensions and paying the mortgage, rather than investigating the truth.

Many more ‘evil doings’ go on in the World today that we could ever imagine or believe.

This mind set of course, plays neatly into the hands of those whom wish us to be as the ‘Three Monkeys’ .. ‘Deaf, Dumb and Blind’.

I shall not list here any of the documented evidence which has been proven to be a False Flag operation, those which have been used very successfully over many years, in an effort to distract us away from the truth, as in a clever conjuring act.

To ask oneself “What is going on, behind what is going on?” is not conspiratorial,  it is a genuine human reaction*.

When the stage magician is ‘Sawing the Lady in Half’,  you don’t expect to see blood on the stage floor, because you know that you are witnessing a trick.


Imagine if you will, turning to your fellow audience members and questioning them as to  how the trick is so cleverly done.

How would you feel if they mocked you for your inquisitiveness?

The shambles which was post 9/11 is a perfect example.. (Read the 9/11 Commission Report.)

George W Bush gave birth to the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and we we all swallowed that piece of Orwellian conditioning as we would, manna from heaven.!

For those to whom transparency and truth are a fundamental moral compass and who are not fearful from seeking out either or both of them, have now to suffer being labeled as a ‘TRUTHERS’!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was raised by my parents, in a World where truth was an admirable word and liars were scorned.

Our press reporters (sic), with far too few exceptions, are liars!

Fortunately, a new word has arrived which redresses the balance in the slanging match …  … … PRESSTITUTES!

Should you have got this far, you may wish to watch a video which clearly shows the blatant use of ‘Crisis Actors’ at the Sandy Hook ‘massacre ‘ a false flag event which was used to encourage the US populous to disarm. 

Did you see the blood on the stage yet? .. Of course you didn’t ..” It’s just an ACT..Its just a TRICK!

The thing that really gets to me, apart from the willful blindness of my peers, is the audacity of our governments in the way that they take us for dumb idiots; so much so that they believe that we are unable to see how the trick works and why.

This short video about the Sandy Hook massacre, shows evidence of their disregard of those whom they should be protecting.

Crisis actors abound. Please watch and see how we are being taken for fools.

Go well .. Nuffzed.


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