TOXINS ~ “Nobody seems to notice .. Nobody seems to care”

The late great George Carlin said in one of his stand-up sketches ..

“Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care!”

I post here the short 4 minute video of that sketch and whilst watching it again, I was both uplifted by the truth he tells, and equally saddened by the wilful ignorance of my peers.

I don’t normally say “Wake up FFS!” .. but I am sorely tempted so to do.

What I will ask is this.. “Is everyone so dumb, that they keep swallowing the obvious toxic bullshit without noticing or caring?” .. It seems that they are!

Watch George Carlin for 4 minutes,  I promise you that he will tell you how it is.

Click: George Carlin


Meanwhile our children and their children are going to suffer in their lives, because WE were watching TV and because “We 
didn’t notice and .. we didn’t care!”

cientists have identified more than 200 industrial chemicals—from pesticides (GLYPHOSATE), flame retardants, jet fuel—as well as neurotoxins like lead in the blood or breast milk of people all over our planet.

These have been linked to cancer, genital deformities, lower sperm count, obesity, and diminished I.Q.
Medical organizations from the President’s Cancer Panel to the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, have demanded tougher regulations or warned people to avoid them.

The cancer panel has warned that:
“To a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted….”


“They have all been drowned out by chemical industry lobbyists!”

These lobbyists, (Follow the Moneee!) have been so effective over the years that our current laws permit companies to introduce new chemicals into our environment (which inevitably end up in our food, air, and water) without any testing to show that they are safe.

In other words, chemicals are “innocent until proven guilty.” 

That’s bad enough. But even when the chemicals are proven guilty, or at least strong concern about their effect on our health is raised, nothing happens.

The two graphs that I show here, clearly illustrate the tragic effects of the deadly toxin GLYPHOSATE and it’s short term impact on our health. Please study them.




Please ask yourselves these two simple questions:

“Do I notice? Do I care?”
Should your answer be YES to either of them, then you are I’m afraid, culpable for the suffering of our future generations by remaining silent.

Go well ..Nuffzed.



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