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Aristotle Onassis: Still owes me 3 shillings!

Aristotle Onassis: Still owes me 3 shillings!      The owner of Olympic Airways (attached to BEA) in the ’60s) made a sudden late appearance onto an all Olympic Airways Comet tourist flight to Athens from Heathrow. I was the flight steward and had the dubious honour of looking after him in 1st class with […]

Untermenschen. That is what we are in the eyes of The West. Untermenschen. Subhumans!

UKRAINE  ~ IGNORE IT ~ MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY! We should all be ashamed of ourselves!  Meet terrible terrorist(sic) Inna Kukurudza before UKRAINE army airstrike in Lugansk!   I find it a truly sad state of affairs that in 2014 we cannot/will not, take our blinkers off and address what is happening on our European doorsteps! […]