Peadophiles ~ UK Police and Justice System Conspiracy.



There is a myriad of questions that remain unanswered in a world which has in the main, divorced itself from serious debate concerning matters of great urgency.

Integrity is a word that seemingly has been assigned to being regarded as meaningless in today’s hedonistic culture. Sad to say, whilst young children are at the mercy of powerfully protected peadophiles, we as a society are more interested in watching a group of girls trying to sing as they have orgasms!

The fall of the Roman Empire was preceded by a similar non caring society, in which ‘titillation’ was far more interesting than integrity and the care for ones fellow human beings especially the young.

Arguably, although a long way from the spectacle of watching couples being eaten by lions whilst copulating, it would seem that there is a worrying narrowing of the gap between these two scenarios.

Shame on all of us!

The ‘Elephant in the room which everyone ignores’ isn’t good enough. In our daily stressful lives, we need to relax and ‘chill’. We don’t want to confront issues that we know are too painful to consider and we therefore tell ourselves that the wrongs that need righting will be done by someone in authority.

We are all are guilty of this but …..It is I’m afraid, a complete COP OUT!

Glad that I am to read the recent crop of arrests of peadophiles (media types), I cannot help thinking that it is a smoke screen to protect people in high places. As with the illusionists distractions, the truth is cleverly covered up by the best illusionists ever..The State!

Having read the tragic consequence of organised child abuse on its victims, I feel compelled on their behalf, to keep as many of those willing to listen, informed as much and as often as I can.

There are no donations needed, just a questioning (free) of the reasons why this evil is covered up for the sake of the powerful perverts that sit in high places. The time that you take to read this, is enough time for a child in care or in a state institution to be held down and sodomised.

MI5 and Police Conspire to more than just Protect Elite Paedophiles they Organise Abuse

Listen below to Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, talking to David Mellor on the role of MI5 in the Kincora Children’s Home Paedophile scandal and the Peadophile Ring .


listen to him here

Ken Livingstone said:-

“I was raising in parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home

where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were

hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland.

They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley’s MP’s – and they never did

– and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there’s been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.”


These few sentences prove that Politicians of all parties have known for decades about the involvement of MI5 and the Police in the sexual abuse of innocent British children. It demonstrates how MI5 and the Police were not just involved in the cover-up but were actively using the sexual abuse of children as a tool to control Politicians and Judges.

This power over Politicians and Judges has given them the ability to create a Police State where the organised criminal endeavours of a sophisticated Rogue Police Organisation can be conducted with impunity and protected from exposure.


Jimmy and Willy will fix you up

1n 1985 Geoffrey Dickens Tory MP provided a 50 page dossier to Lean Brittan who was Home Secretary at the time. Unsurprisingly nothing happened as Leon Brittan himself has been named as part of the Paedophile Ring. The Mirror wrote “The 50 pages contained information about suspected paedophile rings, police misconduct and abuse of boys in a care home.”


The Rogue Police Organisation runs major Drugs Trafficking, the Porn industry and together with some clandestine groups connected to the Gladdio Scandal they also run illegal arms trafficking and child sex trafficking.

In fact the Rogue Police are a highly Sophisticated Criminal Organisation, who can arrange that only the little people, who do have authorisation to take a cut from their lucrative criminal enterprises, can be prosecuted. And of course they can arrange for the prosecution of anyone who might expose their Criminal Organisation. Conversely they can protect anyone who is useful to them for example Paedophile Sir Cyril Smith and Paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

read more

Former director of public prosecutions calls for inquiry after revelations that officers stole identities of dead children

Lord Macdonald said the police appeared to have ‘lost their moral compass’ and suggested units had ‘gone rogue’.

Lord Macdonald

Read More source

This Criminal Organisation operating a cell like structure within the Police the Security and Intelligence Services and the Judicial System is a danger not only to National Security but to every man, woman and particularly every child in the United Kingdom. They have for decades destroyed the fabric of society. Using blackmail, threats or bribery that have destroyed almost the entire criminal and civil justice system and perverted British Justice into a tool to serve what is the biggest and most dangerous Criminal Organisation in the United Kingdom


Scallywag in the 1990’s first broke the story about MI5 filming and Photographing the sexual abuse and torture of children from North Wales Children’s Homes by senior Politicians. It was also exposed that Children from Homes in and around London were also used to trap Paedophile Politicians.

read more about Elm Guest House


images-1Read more

The motive is to control the politicians but no-one who is not themselves a paedophile could take such photographs and videos without compassion for the children

M15 routinely have police officers seconded to them and visa versa blurring the distinction between civil police and political police.

Anyone who has independent evidence of the Paedophile Ring is likely to have it seized and be ruthlessly persecuted. By these methods they protect the Rouge Criminal Organisation and the Elite Paedophiles.

Read more Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all…


What we do know is that MI5 and the Police have all the evidence. They have the video’s, they have the photographs, they have the names. They also know who took the videos and who murdered some of the children. We must demand to see the records!

Go well and go safe,



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