DOCTORS…”Do they really care?” A story about Vit D3.

I am not fond of the Pharmaceutical Industry, no or indeed for that matter, most of those known as the “Family Doctor”

This is an opinion born of dicovering that, with very few commendable exceptions, Doctors and Big Pharma seem to be hand in glove in the promotion of expensive allopathic drugs in order to boost the health of both the companies that produce drugs and the demands of its shareholders.

The patient it seems, is considered incidental in the whole process of them seeking honest medical advice from someone whom they trust. Worried patients supplicate themselves to the “knowledge” of his/her GP (God Person?) and conditioned by the authoritarian matrix in which we have lived over the 400 years since those heady days of “leeches are the answer!”.

Medicine as we are all aware, is expensive. There is no doubt as to why this is. Research and development often takes many years to develop a drug and to recoup the investment  on which it has worked.

It would be churlish of me to deny the commercial sense of this strategy.

It is and will continue to be, a controversial and evolving aspect of medicine – but I also consider it to be one of the most fundamental. So, why then don’t doctors know about nutrition? Because no one is teaching them.

The approximate time devoted to nutrition science over the first two years of medical education is a measly 6 hours – that’s only two hours more than an average day of lectures at medical college!

The reader must draw their own conclusions as to why that is. I have drawn mine a while back.

Keeping the last paragraph in mind, the subject of vitamins for doctors has and still is, viewed in the most part as supplementary and, if one is to believe mainstream media, unnecessary. This is the “Mantra of Disillusion” which is accepted by most of us as true.

Vitamin D3 is produced by our own bodies. What can be more natural than that? In simple terms, the cholesterol on the skin transforms the rays of the sun into D3, transporting it through the dermis to the liver and the kidneys.

This is why it is always advisable that after some time in the sun, one should refrain from bathing and or showering for at least 30 mins so as to let the process take its course.

If one lives in the Southern Hemishere as I do, Vit D3 is available from the amount of sunshine that one receives by being outdoors. It is a different kettle of fish for those that live in the Northern Hemisphere.

And so I come to my main story which is based upon a recent and ongoing set of events.

An elderly man of 91 (let’s call him J) lost his wife nearly 15 years ago and since that day has been living in residential care where he is independent of help unless he needs it.

A few weeks ago his son visited him and, worried about his confused state of mind, made an appointment for him to be checked out medically by his local GP.

On seeing J, the doctor was amazed at the general health and fitness of 91 year old J, but decided to refer him for specialist assessment to get to the bottom of the confusion issues.

After being interviewed and tested by councillors at the hospital as well as a memory consultant at separate appointments, both Alzheimer’s  and Parkinson’s were ruled out.

Strange that it may seem, given the cost factors involved, J was given an appointment for an MRI scan. This scan revealed that he has nothing more than the condition ‘Demetia with Lewy bodies’. Simply explained as neuro-transmitters not functioning as they should within the brain (Think damp plug leads on your car). This condition comes to all of us to some degree or another when we reach the age that J is at.

Of course, the next step in the process is..” Let us find a drug which will possibly reduce the offending Lewy bodies”. But WHY?

I have suffered from Psoriasis for a long time and, with the wonderful tool which is the internet, have spent many long hours researching all and everything concerning this obstinate condition.

If I were asked which Vitamin I would take daily for the rest of my days if I only had a choice of one, it would be Vitamin D3. Not just for the properties that help my condition, but for my general health. In my mind it is The most beneficial and necessary supplements that we should have for the maintenance of our health.

So, the question is this. Why did the Doctor not bother to ask pertinent questions of J?, such as his eating habits, the length of time outdoors in the sun. Did he not consider the worldwide epidemic which is that of Vit D3 deficiency? Clearly not.

Had he Googled ‘Brain Fog’ he would have found himself overwhelmed by the clues which might have led him to the first question he should have asked himself. “Does J have a Vit D3 deficiency?”

Perhaps on a programmed unconscious level, Doctors prescribe drugs before considering anything else.

After all, if J decides that having had his test for Vit D3 come back as being deficient and subsequently has a high dose course of D3 to get his levels balanced, not only might he not need his yearly flu jab, he will hopefully not have any need for allopathic drugs,

In both scenarios the NHS save money. The losers would of course be the Doctor and the non delivery of his ‘brown envelope’ as well as the Pharmacutical company and it’s shareholders.

Go well,  go safe.





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