People that I have known for a long while are often surprised that I have “found” motorcycling in the Autumn of my life.
As anyone that has owned and ridden a motorbike knows, it is difficult to explain the emotion that one experiences when climbing up onto the ‘bike’ whether it be for a trip with a crowd of your mates, or just nipping to the shops for a pack of cigs!
People often speak of the ‘danger’ in that slightly patronising tone that we all know and love, but we forgive them their ‘nanny tones’ in the knowledge that they are the unlucky ones having never thrown their leg across a motorcycle!
My first introduction to the two wheels and an engine was when I was 15 years old.
I had a friend, a tad older than I was, who had a Norton Dominator.
Living in South Devon as we did, we were not too far from Slapton Sands.
This was made famous as it was the practice beach used by the Americans for beach landings prior to D day.
The road from Torcross towards Dartmouth which runs along the sands, is roughly a 3 miles long straight piece of tarmac flanked by a lake on the one side and the sea on the other.
My first exciting 100 mph ride was as pillion on this machine. Of course no helmets were worn and little protection as far as jackets etc were even considered.
My lasting memory of that 3 miles of hectic sound and buffeting wind, was of the warmth and the silence that I felt as we turned around to make our second run.
The bug had bitten!

Should anyone that you know, not understand the thrill as well as the unique camaraderie that Bikers of all ages have in common, then I suggest that you let them see this fine film shot mostly with an 8mm film camera.

Enjoy and ride safely!



The Selvedge Yard

It’s Better in the Wind” by Scott Toepfer (shot mostly on Super 8mm) chronicles the freewheeling life of adventure on the road.

Scott was kind enough to bless TSY with a look at this masterpiece, featuring his good buddy Chuck Ragan who’s contributing some original songs for the soundtrack– which is a combination of music and spoken word. I’m pretty stoked to see the completed work.

For me, “It’s Better in the Wind” is the essence of leaving the hassles and drama of the 9-to-5 grind in the dust– where it belongs. That’s the vibe that Scott captures so beautifully.  It’s not about posing, man.  It’s about showing. The images crystalize the adventure and joy of hitting the road with good friends– to inspire themselves, as well as us, to never stop living for the day– not the man.  Hell yes.

Image by © Scott…

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