The Future Of Shooters!


Now that some days have past, many of us have either put the shootings that took place at Sandy Hook elementary school from their thoughts or will, as I have, pondered as to the reasons why.

The immediate hysteria which naturally follows such an event as this, is of cours an understandable one,  but in the main generally counter productive.

Even the most sanguine of us I would suggest, would not have the capacity to close down our emotions and remain unmoved on that day.

Immediately of course, we all run to our hill of ‘polarised opinion’ and its particular favour is waved furiously in support of our chosen views with not an ounce of doubt as to their validity or otherwise.

“What did the shooter use kill those poor little kids?” was the question that was thrown by the slavering media jackals at the authorities on the fatal morning .The answer was, a ‘Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle’

Note: There has now been doubt cast on this as whether or not that this is true.

It transpires that the perpetrator had handguns and the Bushmaster rifle was found later in the trunk of his car..

Before entering into a ” heated playground argument” it is wise I think, to start the debate by having a full understanding of what the ‘2nd amendment’ was written for and how the authors intended it to be understood and implemented within the American constitution. I therefore post this short video to that end.

Now we can watch Piers Morgan (a Brit, who fled to the States to avoid being investigated over the Hacking scandal) interviewing Alex Jones on CNN.

Much has been written about these two polarised protaganists, but safe to say, the programme shows us the diversity of views over this emotive issue.

The third and final video is about a woman who found herself in a terrifying situation in which she lost her father to a shooter. I obviously value her view in this whole debate, for the simple reason that it has allowed me to reconsidered my view about the gun  issue.

Naturally we wonder, if there were less guns, would there be less crime?

Is the gun an inanimate object which cannot fire itself?

Is a car which doesn’t drive itself out of its garage to mow down a queue of school children waiting for their bus to school not inanimate?

The sane answer, of course would be yes.

So if that is agreed, do we also agree that both the owner of the gun and the driver of the car, have to be sane responsible individuals, in order to be allowed to own or drive these potential killing machines?
I think that this answer is, certainly YES.

So what makes someone walk into a school and shoot small defenceless children in cold blood,  showing no remorse,  feeling no guilt ?

I have no answers, other than to say this.
As a teenager in the late 50s and 60s in Britain, there were little or none of these ’shoot em’ up random senseless killings that we have today.

So what has changed in the interim?



The introduction to “Soldiers of Fortune”

“It’s the sick little pleasures of blowing off enemy limbs with a shotgun and watching blood spray and guts spill that make this game one of the most truly violent titles of all time.” 


I consider myself to be no more, no less violent than my peers.
When I was sixteen, I lived in South London, not the most gentle of areas.
It was the end of the Teddy Boy era when there was ‘Blackboard Jungle’ ‘Rock around the Clock’ and some of us ‘eased’ our overactive testosterone by pulling up loose cinema seats and slashing them.
Yes, we also played football in the park and went fishing and cycled everywhere……

What we didn’t do was sit all day hours at a time on a PSP or similar,  playing  simulated KILLING games.

What we didn’t do was always to be in the video store hiring out constant violent movies, made and acted in, by the ‘bleeding hearts’ of Hollywood!

Is it possible that such over-exposure to a constant diet of simulated brutal murders, day in, day out, that it is de-sensitising our young?

When, after a mass murder like the one that has just happened , some people quickly call for a ban on the inanimate object.

Should we not be looking for causal effects?

Should we not be looking at ourselves?

Monitoring our children was never an easy task, it is much harder today given that there are so many more distractions and temptations that are fed to them in this media/marketing/corporate snake pit, in which live.

I feel that the media who have been feeding us with our news on this event have, once again failed us in balanced integrous reporting. I have to ask, “Why would this be?”

The US has, in the past, tried to limit the production of over violent video games with no success.
At the time, the producers of such video games were able to overturn any such limitation by quoting the !st amendment.

They won their ‘day in court’ and are still producing a rich vein of violent games which seem to get more sick as time moves on and the ‘player’, much as a heroin addict having been de-sensitised by the last game/hit does, requires something even stronger to satiate his addiction

I now show to you the top 10 video games that were best sellers and their descriptions.

No.10 Carmageddon – 1997

The violence in Carmageddon comes from the sheer ability to run people down in the most imaginatively brutal ways with a multi-purposed road hog reminiscent of those seen in the 1975 film Death Race 2000. Ramming pedestrians into steaming piles of bloody flesh, hitting massive roadside bombs (highly unethical given today’s “war on terrorism” standards) and obliterating rival vehicles with copious amounts of unnecessary weapons and power-ups — these are just a few of the items on the menu of this video game. Perhaps the tagline on the box of Carmageddon says it best: “The racing game for the chemically imbalanced.” How very true.

No.9 Soldier of Fortune – 2000

Keeping with the true 3-D environment spirit, the key thing that separated Soldier of Fortune from its other first-person cousins was the use of the GHOUL System, a physics-based game engine that lets you, for a lack of a better term, torture and brutalize enemies at your most sadistic desires. While the game offers an action-packed story of terrorists and nuclear warfare (and the chance to assassinate Saddam Hussein), it’s the sick little pleasures of blowing off enemy limbs with a shotgun and watching blood spray and guts spill that make this game one of the most truly violent titles of all time.

No.8 God of War II – 2007

As Kratos, a former member of the Spartan army, you become the ruthless god of war in the pantheon of Greek gods. Sounds simple enough? Probably, but the tale also includes erasing your tormented past, and that includes cutting a violent and deadly path to get your satisfaction. But it’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way. Did we mention blood yet? God of War 2 promotes ruthless weapon use, stylized and gory finishing kills to enemies and brutal cut scenes that would make Quentin Tarantino blush (including one final kill where you continually slam a door on another god’s head numerous times). The mythological backstory of the game serves to soften the blow of equating it to modern-day street violence, but then again, ruthless gods probably didn’t settle matters over a cup of tea either.

No.7 Gears of War 2 – 2008

Slicing a foe with a chainsaw from the groin upward is gruesome enough; however, getting to use a corpse as a human shield when taking fire takes the cake (not to mention the obtuse and unashamed use of blood that accompanies these techniques). Either way, Gears of War 2 gives the third-person adventurer just enough violence to keep him satisfied, even when between a barrage of bullets (when blood is spilled, it shows up nicely on the screen, obscuring your battlefield view — just like in real life!).

No.6 Mortal Kombat – 1992

The origins of violent video gaming are about as untraceable as the Loch Ness Monster, but there was no denying the violence when Mortal Kombat debuted in homes everywhere in 1992. The uproar and backlash was unprecedented at the time, as players engaged in 2-D combat with a variety of moves that induced blood loss, explosions and all things gory. While it was a dastardly game designed to sour soccer moms everywhere, kids loved the “fatality” finishers, including uppercutting your opponent only to have him land torso-deep in razor-sharp spikes. “Finish him” also became one of the most recognizable one-liners in the short history of video gaming. It was still gross though.

No.5 Thrill Kill – 1998

This game was not actually officially released on the PlayStation, as it was originally intended, but many copies have since become available through bootleg channels. Either way, only the truly sadistic would want to track down this game and enjoy it. It involves a four-player 3-D fighting game in which some of its most unsavory characters fight to the death. Armed with syringes, cattle prods, severed limbs, and more, players simply beat the daylights out of one another with grotesque, fetishistic and/or sexual maneuvers, always with the result of too many blood splatters to count.

No.4 MadWorld – 2009

What’s black and white and red all over? Your victims as they’re splattered against the wall after being skewered on a lamppost. Or perhaps the answer could include disposing of your enemies in a meat grinder, or playing darts using only your opponents and a baseball bat. Whatever the stylish kill, this video game means serious business on the violence factor. Maybe the blood splatter on a black-and-white backdrop really highlights the ferociousness and gratuitous violence, but any game with flavors of The Running Man and a protagonist with a chainsaw on his arm usually have violent potency.

No.3 Manhunt – 2003

As history would repeat itself every time a controversial new video game was introduced to gamers, Manhunt and its producers ran into constant battles with game classifications, angry parents and censorship laws that stirred a fury among critics upon its release (including being the first video game classified as a movie by the province of Ontario in 2004 due to its grotesque nature). Either way, the player sneaks around a 3-D environment and commits heinous acts of murder as part of a sadistic form of entertainment. Decapitation, steel-object-to-the-brain impaling and even the ability to jam a sickle up an unsuspecting victim’s ass was part of the Manhunt experience. Violence indeed.

No.2 Grand Theft Auto III – 2001

If Mortal Kombat was the granddaddy of ultra violent gaming, then anything from the Grand Theft Auto series (particularly Grand Theft Auto III) is easily its bastardized offspring. As the title suggests, you’re out to make a name for yourself by accomplishing missions in a third-person environment, and stealing cars is the most lighthearted crime you can commit. From massive gangland-style beat downs to barbecuing prostitutes with flamethrowers, nothing is too vile or unrealistic in the face of death, blood and mayhem. Subsequent violence from later sequels (including GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV) was simply adding more fuel to the fire. Once the franchise hit the 3-D third-person perspective, all hell broke loose, and you can blame GTA III for all of it.

No.1 Postal 2 – 2003

Taking the throne of video game violence is a mantle often reserved for only the elite titles, and Postal 2 easily captures the top spot. This is a game in which it is not uncommon to drop-kick grenades and whip scythes at unsuspecting civilians if they refuse to participate in your everyday life story (which is, after all, the plot behind the game). Of course, this includes using cat carcasses as silencers on your gun, hitting people with anthrax-laden cow heads and playing “fetch” with dogs using the severed heads of your dismembered victims. Postal 2 is the epitome of senseless, over-the-top video game violence.

Having read some of the awful descriptions of the above games, would you not think it reasonable that there might be some in the Media asking questions about the causal affect of the watching this filth?

I don’t see many!

My next post will be an explanation and defence of the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Go well and stay safe,



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