The Changing of the Gospels

When I am asked the question “What religion do you follow?” I feel strangely under pressure.

Do I really need to go down this rocky road or not?

In our Western society there is an insatiable need by ‘authority’ to pigeon-hole our identities, maybe to be used in some future Orewellian nightmare.

I imagine that I do not differ from the normal guy in the street, when, confronted with an official form with the inevitable ‘tickboxes’ demanding in a monosyllabic tone SEX? (One day I swear I will fill this particular box in with: Yes please!) or RELIGION?….the panic sets in.

”When did I last consider whether I have, or indeed ever had, a religion?” I went to Church, oh when was it? Ah yes, the Christening of that particular ugly baby,,(kept seeing flashes of Mia Farrow peering into her pram…)

So that’s it then, Christening, I must be a Christian, Whew! ‘C of E ‘ into the box …next!

I now feel uncomfortable with the realisation that I’ve not had the ‘balls’ to say what would have been nearer to the truth, namely, that religion or faith of any sort has failed, so far to ‘light up my life’.

I am also aware of an ever so slight envy of those who ‘have religion’.

Is it that I feel I am missing out on something? I know not.

My late father was not a devout Catholic, but being Polish, he was expected to attend church where he was an altar boy.

I also sang in the church choir and attended Sunday School, not for the intention of being ‘saved’ but to be as close to Freda Wills as I could be, so that I might get a glimpse of her navy knickers as she sat down in the pew above me.

So today, when I watch a Soccer game where a substitute runs onto the pitch genuflecting, I cannot help wondering why and how that apparent faith and belief, became so deeply programmed into their psyche.

Curious as ever, I started to investigate and in so doing, realised why I had never become a ‘believer’.

Simply put, I was lied to over and over again by the representatives of the Church, were they the Sunday school teacher or the Archbishop.

I was eager to understand where the crossing of oneself ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ originated.

It was astonishing therefore to discover that there is and never has been, any mention of the ‘Holy Trinity’ in the Old Testament!

What!? And the New Testament?

Ah yes, in the New Testament we have mention of this mysterious, confusing and contradictory ‘action’.

But hang on!

Now I find with not a little amazement, this whole Trinity thing was concocted by Men (as in human) not God!

I am a big fan of Jesus. I think that he had a really really bad break.

He was constantly being misquoted not only in his lifetime, but also more ‘darkly’ from his death onwards until the present time.

Men, joined together in the name of God and Jesus Christ, to use religion as the tool to instil fear and domination into ordinary folk.

Inquisition was ordered by papal decree and confirmed by pope after pope!

Can anyone believe that such actions were representative of Him who said to “Turn the cheek, to forgive our enemies, and to do good to them that despitefully use us?”

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.

“Denounce your faith you heretic, otherwise this red hot poker is going to be shoved up you back-side, well…what is it to be?”

‘Mmmm…..let me think now…..OK …. whatever you say,  see you at Mass …can I go now?…late for work!’

In AD 325 ‘The Council of Nicaea’ was  organised by Emperor Constantine to ‘edit’ the gospels to make what was deemed by him and his ‘board of directors’ to be much better reading for the male dominated society of the time, as well as maybe getting himself a ‘mention’.

Editing the ‘life and time’ of Jesus was very drastic.

For example; any of the Gospels which made reference to Mary Magdalene, other than her being a harlot and a whore, were ‘deleted’ only for other less contentious scripts to be ‘copied and pasted!’

The ‘Trinity’ was discussed and although argued over, was passed as being now the ‘Word of the Catholic church’ even though it was complete nonsense.

Anyone not accepting of this new Catholic doctrine was branded as heretic and unbeliever.

If you research this subject, you will see that Jesus was not ‘chosen’ by the manager for the Trinity team in AD325 and remained on the ‘subs bench’.

When the setting up of ‘The Apostles Creed’ in AD 390 gave him a chance to come on for the remainder of the game, it was evident that the manager and his staff had gone, up until then with a bad game plan until the late introduction of their star striker Jesus.

Now the mantra was much less confusing. “I believe in God the father almighty and in Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son our Lord”

Note: Just the two of them.  God and Jesus!

Am I to believe in a man-made teaching that is NOT biblical but was in truth imposed by religious councils presided over by non-believers or novices, inventing some dubious set of rules that were decided by ’trial and error’?

NO, I don’t think so. So back to the original question.

“What religion do I follow?”

Well folks, I am still searching. If you care to look  up Agnostic in the dictionary, you will find the definition.

My own is this:

I am a seeker of the unadulterated truth. Once found,  I can make an informed decision about what I choose to do with that truth!

Nuffzed until next time….


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