Media Lies and Government Misinformation

Media Lies and Government Misinformation

I am getting really really sick of how complacent and unquestioning everyone seems to be these days. They just shuffle along moaning about life without getting up and doing something about it. WAKE UP!

Shit! we are only here once!

Complacent people rarely make waves, create dissension, cause an uproar. They prefer not to talk about politics and religion, nor to do any independent thinking. Because a complacent mind is a safe mind. Complacent people prefer “to get along to go along,” to swim with the tide, to run with the herd, to blow with the wind.

They like to mind their own business which,on the face of it, seems like common sense and the safe thing to do. Because to get passionately involved in any cause or belief (aside from sports) would require a lapse of complacency.

Complacency, unlike comfort, requires a more practiced inertia.

To accept the state or the status quo, with mild complaint–but only the mildest, acceptable complaint–and plod alonglike herd animals.

To dare question the state, or debate popular consensus, is not only foolish and insane but borderline treasonable to the complacent citizen.

And, if like me, you believe that you are given an indelible stamp on the back of your hand as you leave the concert of life so you can get in again without paying, then hear this!

There is a catch. As you come back in, they have this clever little spray, that not only dissolves the indelible ink on your hand, but also simultaneously dissolves your memories and experiences.

You suddenly believe that you have never been here before. This is your first time. All shiny and new. Ready to start again on lifes’ rich diamond-studded road to self-fullfllment. Eager to meet the girl of your dreams, get the job of your choice and in the end, thoroughly disillusioned you end your days shuffling along, moaning about the unfairness of it all.

So how do break the circle? Well, when Saint Peter tries stamping your hand as you go through the gate with that ink pad, say to him “Pete, I know you mean well mate, but I’ll take a rain check if it’s all the same to you”

So what is the point of this story or, maybe more to the point, the purpose of life?

It has been put to me and I am quite ready to accept the premise, that we are here to learn. If we don’t learn the first time of asking then, rather like being ‘back-squadded’ in the Army, or held back a year at school, you have to come back to do it right or you are a failure!

My end of term report always had the immortal phrase “Must try harder”.

I believe that the lesson of we “must try harder” is, who and where we are is not, (as Gene Roddenberry would have it) “The Final Frontier”

As innocent kids, we knew that a fairy story was exactly that, a story about fairies that we had never seen, but we didn’t care. We weren’t embarrassed to let our parents share our ‘innocent knowledge’ of wicked witches, lost children who flew to ‘Never Never land’. We thought, at that magic age, this is what you were ‘allowed’ to do, it was in the script of life,  so to speak.

Parents also gladly shared in the illusion and whats more, were eager to do it as long as they could and make it last.

In my view there is nothing more precious or exciting as our own imagination.

How often do we say “Yeah, I loved the movie but it wasn’t as good as the book”?

Our own imagination had been fertile enough to paint faces, invent castles and experience sunsets that no Hollywood film director could ever hope to match.

And as children we took that into our playtime. Our cowboy guns were sticks, our horses were a broom and a slap of the thigh and our gunshots were fearsome throat shredding exhaust noises, which had the neighbourhood cats (Coyotes) scattering for their lives in terror.

We were never bored. Boredom being the result of no imagination. Every day was new because we could change the scenes, as no producer of a film ever could.

Imagination is what we have been robbed of and having been mugged, the powers that be replace that irreplaceable pot of gold with a crock of shite!

Named ‘False illusion! They tell you it is ‘ALL TRUE’.

We don’t imagine any more! We are not allowed to. We are force-fed a diet of pink candy floss which has no substance and never lasts.

We therefore have nothing of substance to think about.

We don’t dream any more and if we do, it is not the dreams of the explorer, adventurer or novelist.

Why? Because we don’t have to. It is all out there for us.

We can spend at least six hours vegging out in front of the TV set.

Start with an hour of news, and regardless of how unbelievable the news is, just believe everything you are told (sold) so that you can become a well-indoctrinated citizen.

OK where’s the remote? Now for a couple hours of talk shows, packed full of celebrity interviews, make-up tips and gossip.

You can fill in the rest of the time with sitcoms, reality TV, and other mind-numbing programming. Afterwards, you can go out and buy everything advertised during the commercials, giving special preference to that which is made in China, while spending more money than you have, so that you’ll go deep into debt like a model citizen.

I watched a fly at the window the other morning and was frustrated by his frustration, as he tried in vain to get through the glass to where he ‘knew’ he had been before at some moment in time.

Being a slightly more intelligent creature, I knew that if only he would walk those few more steps he would reach the place from whence he had come and he would be free.

Of course, he never got there. He was DUMB! He believed the illusion (Lie) that he was experiencing. He had no imagination and therefore could not imagine that there was ‘another solution’ to his problem. The fly echoes our state of mind, that of illusion, mis-information and outright lies. But we are NOT flies thankfully, nor Sheep mercifully and there is of course, another way for us.

Having put the fly out of his misery, by opening the window (I am in contact with my feminine side), I sat and pondered what lessons could be learned.

I pondered the old story of Robert the Bruce. (Never could quite get my head around that one. George the Edward?)

Anyway ‘The spider!’

Now here is a creature of immense imagination. I believe that when R the B made up his ‘wee pome’ he was seeing something different to that which was happening with the fly.

Unlike the fly, the spider knew precisely what his situation was. For him there was no illusion. If R the B was in a bad state of mind and relieved his boredom by breaking the spiders’ web every time it had nearly completed its goal, the spider, unlike the fly (us), had total belief in his goal and would achieve it whatever adversities he encountered.

I am convinced that this belief and flexibility is genetically programmed into this wonderful creature’s DNA in order that he will always survive and thrive.

Robert the Bruce used this cameo taking place in his cave as an inspiration to himself as well as those of us willing to ‘join the dots’.

Surely then we have to start joining some dots in our lives otherwise we will never see the big picture!

Are we spiders or flies? Neither Answer = Sheeple!

So of course, we are not allowed or are deemed too unintelligent to handle for ourselves what that big picture may show us all.

When Winston Churchill, on a flight during WW11, had a close encounter with an UFO, being an artist of note, was able to quickly sketch what he had seen.

When he returned to the War Office he was reported as saying “This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one’s belief in the church.”

Personally I would say “ ‘Fuck the church’ I want the truth!”

So we, the Sheeple are not informed. Someone in higher authority takes the decision to bury this momentous piece of history for 50 years.

As Catherine Tates’ Gay character might say “How very dare they!”

I am horrified by this high handed patronising attitude!

I will always ask the question, Why?

And I believe the answer is all around us, if only we were to join the dots and stop accepting the matrix of illusion given by the ‘official account’.

The Western countries are today controlled by 5 Corporations. Nobody in power dare ‘fart’ until they clear it with them.

They own all of the news media who give us our news (sic) ‘The Daily Bromide’

Why are no questions discussed about the obvious glaring discrepancies over what happened on 9/11?

The families of 3000 victims have the right to know. Are we to wait for 50 years before we have the truth? Sadly the answer is yes!

The ‘Mantra’ that the power elite uses is:

Tell the Sheeple what they want to hear, and they will believe it.”

The West lives in a matrix of lies. They seldom encounter a truthful statement. There is no evidence that we can any longer tell the difference between the truth and a lies. We fell for all of the following lies and more:

Here are a few blatant lies fed by a puppet media whose journalists (sic) went along with for the sake of their Pensions

1. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda connections.
2. Saddam Hussein’s troops seized Kuwaiti babies from incubators and threw them on the floor.
3. Gaddafi fed his troops Viagra to help them rape Libyan women.
4. Iran has a nuclear weapons program.
5. The US is broke because of food stamps and Social Security, not because of wars, bankster bailouts, and a failing economy.
6. Russia is our number one enemy.
7. China is our number one enemy.
8. Iran is a terrorist state.
9. Jobs offshoring is free trade and good for the economy.
10. Israel is America’s most loyal ally.
11. The US missile shield surrounding Russia is not directed at Russia.
12. The South China sea is an area of US national interest.
13. Financial markets are self-regulating.

And my favourite of all:

World Trade Centre  Building 7.  A 47 high rise steel framed building with a few small office fires and minor structural damage, fell at free-fall speed into its own footprint on 9/11!

We accept this as the truth. We are afraid to let our minds even question the gross unlikely hood of such an occurrence …what if ?

Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision. The most successful people in the West are liars.

The endless lies have created a culture of delusion. And this is why we are lost. The beliefs of many of us, perhaps a majority, are comprised of lies. These beliefs have become emotional crutches, and we will all fight to defend the lies that we believe. The inability of us to accept facts that are contrary to our accepted beliefs, is the reason the we are and have been leaderless and will remain so.

Unless the scales fall from our eyes, we are all doomed.

Go well…Until the next rant…

Nick Thomas


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