Monthly Archives: October 2012

We’re Still Shooting The Messenger

I am getting more than peeved with the ‘pseudo righteous’  Sheeple out in the field with the herd that get all opinionated over the matter of racial discrimination. In my less ‘wooly’ view,  most of them should concentrate in munching the grass to make themselves fat  (Is this a term of discrimination?)  ready for the […]

The Changing of the Gospels

When I am asked the question “What religion do you follow?” I feel strangely under pressure. Do I really need to go down this rocky road or not? In our Western society there is an insatiable need by ‘authority’ to pigeon-hole our identities, maybe to be used in some future Orewellian nightmare. I imagine that […]

Lack of Curiosity and Individuality in the Young

Nuffzed I really cannot understand young peoples’  lack of curiosity and individuality. When I was a ‘Yoof” in South London in 1960 , I earned very little but I kept myself as trendy as my meagre wages would allow working for British Lion Films as a clerk. The ubiquitous ‘winkle picker’ shoe with cuban heels […]

Media Lies and Government Misinformation

Media Lies and Government Misinformation I am getting really really sick of how complacent and unquestioning everyone seems to be these days. They just shuffle along moaning about life without getting up and doing something about it. WAKE UP! Shit! we are only here once! Complacent people rarely make waves, create dissension, cause an uproar. […]